Sunday, November 14, 2010

fuckeeeenng lifeee

Hamade's damage is almost $500.
There goes all my fucking money, which doesn't even fucking exist at this time. Not really...

List of things to add to stress:
412: 6 projects
412: research paper
412: folio
407: 3-6 lesson plans
407: folio

goddamn, art ed is giving me shit this semester. thank god i only have one more Carlos class, just one more... just one............................... fuck!

i'm behind in ceramics by one entire project. i guess i'll just have to stay extra extra days for the final project now. i still need to stay on track for enameling. buddhism, i don't even know... pulled a move on the midterm so we'll see. yoga can touch my toes and kiss em.

on top of all this i still have work1 and work2 so yay me, my life, it loves me =( or maybe i hate it and treat it badly.

on the bright side, i have 35 faces to look forward to every week... but only for one more week. and then i won't see them (hopefully i'll get to!) until december. oh no :( my kids :(

Sunday, November 7, 2010

text from Tuan

"You are an amazing Adeline, the only one that exists. I love you very much. I hope you have a great day because you deserve it everyday. You have more strength and courage than you can imagine!"

ily my friend =)

Lisa's birthday dinner was last night, and it was full of laughter. I hadn't seen most of those girls since high school but I think I'm much better now at small conversation and just making conversation, in general. A few drinks help.

For Phuong's birthday, we went to Universal Horror Nights. It was great fun, I had never been! I got scared good, MANY times. Lol I loved it, I'd go again. Horror movies are blah, eh, but living the horror is fantastic and hilarious =)

Tuan's birthday has passed as well but we won't get to celebrate until thursday. I'm not entirely sure what we will be doing but as always in the past, even when we do nothing, it is a good day =) But since we will all be in SD and 21, the night should be interesting!

I love my friends so much. They inspire me, and improve me.
They let me be me. I'll save this for Thanksgiving post though =)

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

5 days

what now?
what do i do, i don't know.
i just wanna sit and do nothing. there is nothing to do.