Sunday, July 18, 2010

vague update

This is what I get for not updating. Now, I can't remember things in correct order... I'm just gonna recall things as best as I can. =(

Jake and I really jumped at the opportunity to spend more time together for the summer and took advantage of it early on. We went to San Pedro, Malibu, (both days were chilly! pooey),... here there and everywhere =) He got me a new bathingsuit, it's such a happy color lol. Yellow/white striped with hot pink accents! We watch a lot of movies and eat just about everything lol. I'ts great.

Co Be and Ong Ba Ngoai came over for a couple of weeks or so, I was either working or with Jake most of the time, but did take off for a few days to hang out with family. We went to Nevada and Arizona for 3 days on a Chinese tour bus. Fobnesss..... But it was fun, and loud, and confusing. We were the only non-Chinese people on the bus lol.

Las Vegas is shit, I don't like it that much. The heat is too intense, the people just make it worse. The lights and sights are great and all but I enjoyed Arizona so much more than Nevada. We stayed at Hualapai Ranch, so cute and quaint! We had a nice home-style meal and then roasted marshmallows and made s'mores after dinner. CUTE?? yea!
Before dinner though, we went to the Grand Canyon and waited for the sunset. It hit the horizon perfectly, so beautiful =)
They woke us up at 5 AM to watch the sunrise, and it was quite a sight. I've never stayed for both a sunset AND sunrise hehehe, it's amazing.

Besides trips here and there I've mostly been working. Chi Ti found me a job working for a graphic designer, she pays me $15/hr, and she's really sweet. I like working for her a lot!

And I signed up to volunteer work in Stanton on a community project. It's a mural, and it's mostly a group of csulb art students, with some other volunteers. Eventually we hope to bring in the kids to help us, or at least do their hand imprints on the wall haha.

Vincent might write an article on me for Vien Dong newspaper =)! We'll see I guess!

There's just so much going on in life, I love it... though the sun doesn't always shine on all situations, it's beaming on my career path. ah...