Sunday, November 14, 2010

fuckeeeenng lifeee

Hamade's damage is almost $500.
There goes all my fucking money, which doesn't even fucking exist at this time. Not really...

List of things to add to stress:
412: 6 projects
412: research paper
412: folio
407: 3-6 lesson plans
407: folio

goddamn, art ed is giving me shit this semester. thank god i only have one more Carlos class, just one more... just one............................... fuck!

i'm behind in ceramics by one entire project. i guess i'll just have to stay extra extra days for the final project now. i still need to stay on track for enameling. buddhism, i don't even know... pulled a move on the midterm so we'll see. yoga can touch my toes and kiss em.

on top of all this i still have work1 and work2 so yay me, my life, it loves me =( or maybe i hate it and treat it badly.

on the bright side, i have 35 faces to look forward to every week... but only for one more week. and then i won't see them (hopefully i'll get to!) until december. oh no :( my kids :(

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