Sunday, April 24, 2011

cut the shit

April is almost over, and things are only going to get worse... if you let it.
Time to shape up!
Go run, it'll make you feel better. Just try it. Maybe tomorrow, stay after and run. Or stay and paint.
Paint, paint, paint. Thank god you only have illustration to worry about for a while, and watercolor is all in-class til the finals are due. But don't forget them, they are difficult. And there are two. Give yourself at least two days to do them.

You don't have time for homework and catching up with EDSS but you're taking naps with R? Don't be stupid. It's time to invest in a good one anyway, this is just pointing you in that direction. Keep dates to weekends only, do work during the week from now on. You have so much to catch up on...

As a reward, you'll get a new piercing in May. However if you don't pass EDSS you will not. This is final.


Sunday, April 17, 2011


I went to school on my birthday, I had no choice =( and ended up staying over an hour after class for my stupid group work stuff. I kinda dilly daddled after that and saw the Illustration Show briefly, then finally walked to my car. I turned the corner and found red carnations and a Happy Birthday balloon on my windshield. <3

I worked that night even though I had asked for it off! But it was okay because my coworkers wrote me a card and Mona baked me Reese's Fastbreak CUPCAKES! They were delicious. And Rus was working too =)

In the lunchroom, he gave me a present and a card and said that I could only open one. I asked, between the gift and the card? No, the gift was more than one inside the first wrapping. He said I could only unwrap one today, and another tomorrow, and the last the day after; and that I will be tantalized to open both. So I said "Okay!" and opened the box. The moment I untaped it I saw two smaller boxes inside wrapped as well and I knew I just used one "unwrap permit" today. DANG! This guy's good. I shook the two boxes to guess what was inside and freaked him out. Haha! I guessed it was fragile and therefore must be glass! And kinda big, but flat, because of the box's dimensions. All he said to everything was "maybe!"
That night I read the card and it had some cheesey Hallmark poem, and he wrote, "Happy birthday Anh! Dinner Saturday night?" =)

The next day I unwrapped one package and found a very familiarly shaped box. I opened it to find (gasp!) an opalite spiral! How! What! Where when why! So this is why I'd be tortured about opening the second box! A pair of opalite spirals, he really knows me!

Saturday I opened the second box and tried them on. They're just gorgeous. That night, he took me out to dinner at Tantalum and it was very delicious and fancy. Our main dishes were garnered with an orchid flower each, which I proceeded to eat a petal off mine. It was kinda tasty! Haha. He also got me another bouquet of carnations, and his parents gave me a birthday card too! We took a walk after dinner and spent the rest of the night with each other.

You're amazing.