Wednesday, August 26, 2009


so lately, I've been talking and spending time with Jake, but mostly during breaks at work. In a few days or a week or whatever we've become pretty comfortable around each other. Definitely more so than this time last week... haha.

It's a cute story (to me), how we met. I'm gonna miss working with him, a bit... lol.

He took me to school so I could make it on time to pay tuition after work. Then we went grocery shopping and stopped by Annelee's. Hung out and had dinner, it was a nice night =)

I feel like he's a keeper, but I guess we'll have to see.
I still have that fear inside me. I fear I can't do it.
If I screw up, he would be a great loss.. =(

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Phuong make-over; Walmart got-hit-on-and-ran

After work I went to Walmart with Lisa and Phuong to buy hair dye. We wanted to give Phuong a make-over! =) They had already gone to the salon to do her eyebrows while I was at work so there was only cut&dye left to do, my job.

Lisa left us in the hair dye aisle to find her own stuff and soon after a guy stopped in our aisle. The way he talked, I thought he was a worker at first, I saw him adjusting boxes ._.
but soon I found out he was hitting on me and really stupidly!

"I like your necklace, is that a cobra? Wanna trade? I have a shark tooth necklace" (hell no, hell no, hell no... my response. HAHA)
"What do you guys think I should get, hazelnut or french vanilla coffee?" (man I don't fucking know)
"How bout black dye?" (buying it not for me, but someone else, and I'm going with red)
"Can I get your number you seem kinda busy right now" (uh... duh...?)
"Don't worry I'll only call you 30x a day" (WOW YOU SUCK AT PICK-UPS LOL)

Anyway, first experience with someone so... blunt,
I think it's thanks to my beautiful new baby resting in my brow. God I love you!

Besides that, I gave Phuong a rockin' new do. Not just a trim, but a new style, a bit... haha. skipped the bangs, cut out her outgrown brassy color, and dyed it too! Gave her a ton of layers too. IT LOOKS GOOD!

Monday, August 24, 2009

SD trip, Enigma

(phone blogging doesn't work real well, reposting)

Went to SD to see Tuan with Phuong and Lisa. Rosie couldn't make it due to school =(
On a whim I decided I wanted to get pierced today. So I did!
We went to Enigma. My piercer was Autumn, and she was really nice and explained everything, so I feel like my money was well spent. My eyebrow is very happy. Haha =)

Instead of eating out, we went to Trader Joe's and made linner! And watched TV. Sometimes, that's the best way to spend time with your buddies... easy peasy.

Sunday, August 23, 2009


I don't like how I can't find old posts on Xanga. Or maybe I just don't know how. All I know about is the calendar, but that shit's annoying to navigate, so goodbye Xanga, hello Blogger.

I know I should've done this a long time ago, Sam, HAHA