Tuesday, October 20, 2009

ART 301's kids

I think I made the right decision by going into art ed.
It feels good.
I like to work with the kids to make things.
Today we continued making paper, but this time, with a brand new blender and 3 rolling pins we were much better prepared than last Tuesday. The kids enjoyed the process of mashing up useless printed paper into mush, and then watching it turn to pulp in the blender. Then rolling them out themselves to form their own paper. Some made multiple sheets. We will continue this next week so they may have more of their self-made / recycled sheets of paper. =)

A lot has been going on lately but I just don't keep up with this blog. I should start again soon.

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Marley&Me, GardenWalk date

Blogging 10 days later, memories aren't as good... :(
On that day Jake and I just wanted to have a nice long day together.
BUT some of his buddies decided to drop by and so we had a fam/friends BBQ instead. After everyone had left, we enjoyed some downtime and watched Marley and Me.
The dog death was sad, and brought up memories of Fidji. I was also really sensitive to doggy death because of what had been happening at Lisa's.

Whatever comes up, we will work through it, right Jake? =)

Later that night he took me to Anaheim GardenWalk. We were so psyched to watch Couples' Retreat! The area looked great, all lit up and stuff, and we found the theater...

But I got denied entrance to the theater. "21+ Only," it says.
I'm only 6 months short :(
And it's a PG-13 movie :(
stupid alcohol-serving facility!

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

entry by jekjek

work suck!!! we had two F-ing truck today... work from 6:30am to 2:30pm today so i'm pretty tired right now... but its all good coz i went to see my sexy GIRLFRIEND haha... right now were waiting for my sister to get off at her class, then we might go to eat at jollibee!!! hhmmmmm if you guys don't know what jollibee's is its a filipino fastfood restaurant...

Saturday, October 3, 2009

"I feel like I'm dancing on the air"

After class, Jake picked me up to go eat. We were gonna eat at Deli News but his friends called and we went to Chili's at the Pike. The food was good, and the bill was cheap, until Jake asked for it to be combined and it turns out it wasn't split at all, the waitress forgot to add the 2nd couple's meal to it lollolol. Poor Jake *pat pat*
So, I got to meet and hang out with his buddies JR & Anna. AND THEIR BABY JARED! sososossoo cute.
They're easy to get along with and talk to. I usually have more trouble meeting people's friends. so yay

Afterwards, they dropped us back at Jake's and he and I just karaoke'd for a good long time. "Serenade me," he said. Hahahah.
Our voices gave out (mine did, anyway... and my ears), we were tired, we went to bed.
A lot of things were shared and talked about and though I can't seem to say it anymore at this time, I don't take back what I've already said.

I said it to A.C. and didn't believe myself and knew it was a mistake and I said it because he did.
I couldn't, didn't want to, and believed I'd never say it to A.A. because I knew I'd never feel that way for him.

In my dreams, I can fly
I can swim in the sky
I feel like I'm dancing on the air
To the music everywhere
Because you love me, yes you love me
In my dreams, in my dreams.

--Walter Meego - In My Dreams