Thursday, January 7, 2010

On School, Love, Friends, Work


All final grades are posted; I got straight B's... + 1 A! WOOHOO?
I need to step up my game. I did better than I had feared, but I know I could've done better. I know I could've!

I don't usually get to go on vacation but this winter break, it's on! Hooray for the traveling Tran sisters, roundtripping from LB > Boston > NY > Boston > Spain > France > (European train trip!) > France > Boston > home =)

I will miss everyone. I will miss Jake dearly. He's been with me for what feels for so long I don't really remember the single days, haha. And honestly, for the first time in a long time (in a relationship), I don't miss those days. I'm happy where I am, with whom I am with. 


You know hon, things have been so so very good with us I just can't imagine why it would ever go bad. It's a very optimistic view, I know, but isn't that a good thing? Isn't that how it should be, to be hopeful for us, whether we are in a good or bad situation? Always have heart and always have hope for love to grow. I like where we are heading, I love the way it feels. 


I love my friends =) the ones that I have held onto for the past several years.
Phuong, you're so funny and natural, and gross because you're too natural sometimes, but we get along amazing, bff. Thank you for the very thoughtful gift. I now know what it's like to get a tattoo you don't like and have it stay on forever. But hey, it finally washed off!
Tuan, you are my bff artsy fartsy buddy and I love you for it! Thank you for the very heartfelt card. I think this is the first time I've gotten you nothing. I will make up for it promise!
Lisa, you're as natural as Phuong, I love that about you girls. You're easy-going and hilarious and thoughtful. Thanks for sharing your pass with me whenever you could, I really appreciate it. Must get you something in return.
Anthony, I haven't seen as much of you lately as I have had in the past, but we're still good buddies and I love that. Sometimes I wish things were like how they used to be, but as for yourself, please don't ever change. 
Rosie, we haven't hung out much more either... =( I often think about those times, those very hilarious nights out we had so many of, to drown our boyfriend-less lonelinesses. But look what happened! We are both taken now, and taken away from each other. Hopefully we will get to hang out more, cos I wanna go back to Mochilato this summer!
Annelee, you're too cool for me. And things have been very rough for you lately, I hope 2010 brings sunnier days. Things are looking good right? I mean, I get the feeling that you don't believe you can get whatever cutie you want but lookie loo, you're getting all kinds of cuties wanting to call you up and go out with you, and you're turning them down. HAHA. I'll be seeing you soon roomie!

I've made a few friends here and there and I think the newest person I think I could have a good solid friendship with would be Ichi-Noodles. We'll see though, I guess! 


The workplace just hasn't been as pleasant as it used to be when it first opened, or when Ethan was around. Kassem is hated, everyone wants everyone else to call the hotline so that he can get transfered outta here. GET OUTTA HEA! People are jealous of others because of favoritism; this person is getting more hours, this person is more privileged because of such and such, blah blah blah. GET OVER IT! Improve yourself, maybe you will get those privileges. 
Customers give me headaches, what with all the coupon-system-cheating and whatnot. SIGH. Please, just get your item and go! No, I will not ring you up at my counter because Register1 told you you've reached the item limit. GO HOME! GO! HOOOMEE!

I'm gonna go to France soon, I'm so excited,... but for now, I'm going to bed. Goodnight, world.