Wednesday, June 22, 2011


i'm getting antsy, and i can't sleep.
i feel really broke, it's already end of june, only two months left to make up tuition. what am i doing?
i should turn off my computer now. i should go to bed, there's no one to talk to anyway. wish i had a certain body next to me tonight. wish the mountains had reception! wish i wasn't on constant alert for notifications.
this world, this world we live in, it's not good for us anymore.

Monday, June 13, 2011


My baby Intuos3 has finally come into this world, after much patience and anticipation! And it's just what I wanted! Granted it's second-hand, and I don't know if its previous home treated it well. The pen it came with is a bit nibbled up and the nib itself needs to be replaced, but that's not a hassle! As long as the tablet is not scratched up too much itself, I know it will be fine.  Finally, I put my dear Graphire4, which has served me well all these years, to rest.

May I put you to the best of use, Intuos <3