Tuesday, December 27, 2011

I think I did pretty well this fall semester! Granted, I didn't have work to go to so that's how it should be. 3 A's and 2 B's, woohoo! I'm sad I couldn't have turned my Art Hist B into an A for once, jUST ONCE! I was sooo close this time. Karen Kleinfelder is the best at what she does.

Russell's parents got me a stocking chock full of goodies :3 they're so cute. And he got me blackberry fruits taped to a box! He's so silly. I love it.

I am running out of money so  I should probably devise that plan soon. I have a partner, I have motivation. I just need a push in that direction!

a hapa... maybe one day

Saturday, October 22, 2011


Oct 15th - new (twin) piercings. Jill @  Somatic
Oct 17th - filed for graduation (!!)

Low ass balance in checking, but I haven't been pulling from savings, thanks to odd-jobs. I think I will do o-k when I step out into adult life, if this doesn't already count yet ;)

fre(elance)ing, pottery with kids, nancy work...
keeps me afloat!

Monday, October 10, 2011

blink 182 concert

October 1st was the first time I had ever gone to a concert, and a Blink one at that! I'm satisfied, I don't desire to see any other shows. I wouldn't mind going, and would enjoy them, but I'd die happy I at least saw Blink.

I got a tour shirt too, thanks to bf =)

I'm feeling down. it's from a lot of things.
i don't know if it'll last, maybe i need someone mature and stable. soon i'll be coming into stability and need my partner to be the same. soon enough i'll be 23. i had always planned on having kids around 25, i'm scared now that i've fallen off that pathway. when will i be completely happy with who i have?

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

time and change

A year is a short amount of time...

So much happens in so little time, but you seldom realize it because it happens so slowly that you don't feel it. Then something reminds you, shocks you a little maybe, and you remember.

On Facebook there's a little section in a side panel that shows you old status updates you or someone else made 365 days ago. I glanced over at it tonight and on this same day last year, I wrote " I love my boyfriend :) "
I clicked on it curiously, wondering why I said such a thing to the world of Facebook. I still don't remember, but it was made out to J.F.
Funny, it's only been a year exactly but if I say these words now, they would be for R.A.
It leaves me wondering, did I mean what I said? Do I mean what I say now? It's only been a year...

But so much can happen in a year, you know.

I got over an old lover and "met someone new," although I've known him all along.
We got to know each other, get intimate and comfortable beyond friendship.
Several movie and dinner dates, several nights staring at the stars and talking about the colors in the sunset, a few holidays and birthdays, gift-giving occasions, a wedding, some hiking and a vacation, roller coasters and parties later we're closer than ever.

I've gotta say that I've never felt this close and comfortable with another lover, nor have I ever felt so cared about and for and thought of so much as by R. Maybe because we based our relationship off of a friendship first? Maybe, probably? Whatever it is, it's working just right. And when I say I love him, I mean it.

A year is a long time.

Sunday, August 28, 2011

fall '11

At the beginning of college, I was determined to graduate in Spring '11. Well, that didn't happen.
In my last post, I told myself I'd go out and find another job. I inquired about a couple, but didn't even bother to apply. I told myself I'd take a 6th class, but seeing as how it costs another couple hundred at GWC and needs to be petitioned for at CSU I backed out of that as well.

I don't do much, do I?
What I'm gonna do now is write a list of achievable goals and reason it out as to why it's achievable. I always reason out why I shouldn't do things, it's always very convincing. I need to convince myself that there are things I can do.


I only have 5 classes, same load as usual. This should not be hard. And  I don't have work this semester besides Nancy's, so I should do excellent. Last semester I took 4 classes and got straight B's, I'll blame that on having to do work. So this semester I should get at least a couple of A's! I SHOULD, I WILL. Yes, Anatomy for the Artist will be a tough course, but without work in the way it should be  cake. Remember that you actually paid $3,000 for 5 classes this semester... That's $600 a class. Do I really want to get a B or C in a $600 class?? NO


Without Walgreens in the way, I should get more work for Nancy done now. She pays more! Just be good, so you can rack up more hours! I need them, I'm short something like $700 for tuition next semester. And with my big $150 splurge on the table, $175 on vacation, and something like $100 in gifts for the coming birthdays (Russ, Anne, Ldo, Bananas, Tuna...) I better get papur.


Keep my room tidy. I've been doing an o-k job of leaving space =) Still got a lot of bric-a-brac around but that can be remedied. Just gotta force myself to put it away.


Work out at school, I paid for it.. :(
Keep track of your diet, don't let school hours get in the way. Don't snack so much either.
--Thanks, Belly.

Friday, July 1, 2011

begin again

I got fired last week and at first I took it pretty badly. I stomped out of there in a huff, haha. But I kept thinking about how I had been working retail for four years now, and that it's good it came to an end. I always told myself to start looking for career-related work but never got around to it until now, really. I just applied for a couple of temporary positions in the HB district/ library, hopefully I 'll get a position. If not, I'll continue looking for other higher paying jobs like bank teller.  I already applied to a couple of banks too. If  I can just make a couple of applications a night, I would be good. job and scholarship applications...

Wednesday, June 22, 2011


i'm getting antsy, and i can't sleep.
i feel really broke, it's already end of june, only two months left to make up tuition. what am i doing?
i should turn off my computer now. i should go to bed, there's no one to talk to anyway. wish i had a certain body next to me tonight. wish the mountains had reception! wish i wasn't on constant alert for notifications.
this world, this world we live in, it's not good for us anymore.

Monday, June 13, 2011


My baby Intuos3 has finally come into this world, after much patience and anticipation! And it's just what I wanted! Granted it's second-hand, and I don't know if its previous home treated it well. The pen it came with is a bit nibbled up and the nib itself needs to be replaced, but that's not a hassle! As long as the tablet is not scratched up too much itself, I know it will be fine.  Finally, I put my dear Graphire4, which has served me well all these years, to rest.

May I put you to the best of use, Intuos <3

Saturday, May 14, 2011

duyen is being such a little  dickhead i'm really pissed at her! shithead

Sunday, May 8, 2011

i feel drab
i need a change
seeing red

Sunday, May 1, 2011

Spring 11

The semester is fast ending and I need to get things done! But I'm a dummy and didn't take days off work so now I have to work things out and around each other.
For tomorrow, I mustmustMUST finish the Sentence-Four-Panels! At least, even if it's sloppy! And hopefully even get started on the final project! My-my. Time to plan things out by the hour!

things to get done:
Illus: 4 panels, final project- 3 cards
Watercolor: 2 paintings
Edss: documents
415: group part, sample projects

Sunday: all day illustration
Monday: class 9-12, tb-test, gym?, edss300 the rest of the day. sushi dinner perhaps?
Tues: edss300 all day: papers, fotocopies, fix, print, arrange!
Wed: classes until 7, hw: 415- fix LP, 2 pgs of content standards
Thurs: class, gym!, illustration & watercolor

....well, I'm actually not good at that but hey! I wrote down a few things just now and reminded myself to get that tb shot. Yay needles!

Here's to hoping I get good grades/ enter the edu program.
As a reward I shall get any of the following!
double tragus, tongue, vch, or navel.

Sunday, April 24, 2011

cut the shit

April is almost over, and things are only going to get worse... if you let it.
Time to shape up!
Go run, it'll make you feel better. Just try it. Maybe tomorrow, stay after and run. Or stay and paint.
Paint, paint, paint. Thank god you only have illustration to worry about for a while, and watercolor is all in-class til the finals are due. But don't forget them, they are difficult. And there are two. Give yourself at least two days to do them.

You don't have time for homework and catching up with EDSS but you're taking naps with R? Don't be stupid. It's time to invest in a good one anyway, this is just pointing you in that direction. Keep dates to weekends only, do work during the week from now on. You have so much to catch up on...

As a reward, you'll get a new piercing in May. However if you don't pass EDSS you will not. This is final.


Sunday, April 17, 2011


I went to school on my birthday, I had no choice =( and ended up staying over an hour after class for my stupid group work stuff. I kinda dilly daddled after that and saw the Illustration Show briefly, then finally walked to my car. I turned the corner and found red carnations and a Happy Birthday balloon on my windshield. <3

I worked that night even though I had asked for it off! But it was okay because my coworkers wrote me a card and Mona baked me Reese's Fastbreak CUPCAKES! They were delicious. And Rus was working too =)

In the lunchroom, he gave me a present and a card and said that I could only open one. I asked, between the gift and the card? No, the gift was more than one inside the first wrapping. He said I could only unwrap one today, and another tomorrow, and the last the day after; and that I will be tantalized to open both. So I said "Okay!" and opened the box. The moment I untaped it I saw two smaller boxes inside wrapped as well and I knew I just used one "unwrap permit" today. DANG! This guy's good. I shook the two boxes to guess what was inside and freaked him out. Haha! I guessed it was fragile and therefore must be glass! And kinda big, but flat, because of the box's dimensions. All he said to everything was "maybe!"
That night I read the card and it had some cheesey Hallmark poem, and he wrote, "Happy birthday Anh! Dinner Saturday night?" =)

The next day I unwrapped one package and found a very familiarly shaped box. I opened it to find (gasp!) an opalite spiral! How! What! Where when why! So this is why I'd be tortured about opening the second box! A pair of opalite spirals, he really knows me!

Saturday I opened the second box and tried them on. They're just gorgeous. That night, he took me out to dinner at Tantalum and it was very delicious and fancy. Our main dishes were garnered with an orchid flower each, which I proceeded to eat a petal off mine. It was kinda tasty! Haha. He also got me another bouquet of carnations, and his parents gave me a birthday card too! We took a walk after dinner and spent the rest of the night with each other.

You're amazing.

Monday, March 21, 2011

looping melody

I am broken, please don't fix me. all that I am is what you've left of me.
oh, George..

Sunday, March 20, 2011

i'm a mess

stressing out because i can't keep my shit together for art ed. i'm so behind in the paperwork. why do i just go home? why don't i set aside time at school to see the counselors?
and all this time i was telling myself it's because i'm concentrating harder on illustration but let's face it, i'm not. i didn't even submit the portfolio. how is this semester the most overwhelming, when i am only taking 12 units? some kind of anxiety about leaving the school-world? i can't take this.
like my room, so is my self.