Saturday, May 14, 2011

duyen is being such a little  dickhead i'm really pissed at her! shithead

Sunday, May 8, 2011

i feel drab
i need a change
seeing red

Sunday, May 1, 2011

Spring 11

The semester is fast ending and I need to get things done! But I'm a dummy and didn't take days off work so now I have to work things out and around each other.
For tomorrow, I mustmustMUST finish the Sentence-Four-Panels! At least, even if it's sloppy! And hopefully even get started on the final project! My-my. Time to plan things out by the hour!

things to get done:
Illus: 4 panels, final project- 3 cards
Watercolor: 2 paintings
Edss: documents
415: group part, sample projects

Sunday: all day illustration
Monday: class 9-12, tb-test, gym?, edss300 the rest of the day. sushi dinner perhaps?
Tues: edss300 all day: papers, fotocopies, fix, print, arrange!
Wed: classes until 7, hw: 415- fix LP, 2 pgs of content standards
Thurs: class, gym!, illustration & watercolor

....well, I'm actually not good at that but hey! I wrote down a few things just now and reminded myself to get that tb shot. Yay needles!

Here's to hoping I get good grades/ enter the edu program.
As a reward I shall get any of the following!
double tragus, tongue, vch, or navel.