Sunday, August 28, 2011

fall '11

At the beginning of college, I was determined to graduate in Spring '11. Well, that didn't happen.
In my last post, I told myself I'd go out and find another job. I inquired about a couple, but didn't even bother to apply. I told myself I'd take a 6th class, but seeing as how it costs another couple hundred at GWC and needs to be petitioned for at CSU I backed out of that as well.

I don't do much, do I?
What I'm gonna do now is write a list of achievable goals and reason it out as to why it's achievable. I always reason out why I shouldn't do things, it's always very convincing. I need to convince myself that there are things I can do.


I only have 5 classes, same load as usual. This should not be hard. And  I don't have work this semester besides Nancy's, so I should do excellent. Last semester I took 4 classes and got straight B's, I'll blame that on having to do work. So this semester I should get at least a couple of A's! I SHOULD, I WILL. Yes, Anatomy for the Artist will be a tough course, but without work in the way it should be  cake. Remember that you actually paid $3,000 for 5 classes this semester... That's $600 a class. Do I really want to get a B or C in a $600 class?? NO


Without Walgreens in the way, I should get more work for Nancy done now. She pays more! Just be good, so you can rack up more hours! I need them, I'm short something like $700 for tuition next semester. And with my big $150 splurge on the table, $175 on vacation, and something like $100 in gifts for the coming birthdays (Russ, Anne, Ldo, Bananas, Tuna...) I better get papur.


Keep my room tidy. I've been doing an o-k job of leaving space =) Still got a lot of bric-a-brac around but that can be remedied. Just gotta force myself to put it away.


Work out at school, I paid for it.. :(
Keep track of your diet, don't let school hours get in the way. Don't snack so much either.
--Thanks, Belly.