Thursday, December 24, 2009

The Holidays

It's been great; the sun is out (now), the lights are up (the neighbors'), everyone's busy and bustling (putting up the tree today, on the Eve).

I spent almost a whole day with Jake yesterday, from morning to night.=) It started out rocky and unhappy, but as always, we work it out. We get over our problem and everything is great. So for lunch we went to get fish and chip's at H. Salt's! It was delicious. It makes me hunger for the cole slaw at that one place Anne Lee took me to in SD though. That shit was the bomb. TIN FISH! Tin Fish Gaslamp, there you go! MMMM

We tried to eat light and split a meal so that we might have room for a buffet later at night!

We hopped in the car and he said, "Honey can you open the glove compartment for me?"
So I popped it open and POOF there was a little green box with a red bow. Awwww! Except that it wasn't green, stupid yellow lighting, it was blue, ...  Tiffany Blue! I was so excited and jumping around and we were both rushing and excited and we got there and, he forgot his wallet. OFF HOME WE GO! WEEE! got your wallet? BACK TO THE RESTAU WE GO! WEEE!

He took us to Hokkaido, a chinese(?) buffet. Biggest buffet I've ever been to. The tables of food were snaking around! I loved it. The food was amazing, the cutie sitting across me was amazing, the little box I opened was amazing, and the gift he got me is amazing. I'm wearing it everyday. EV. RIE. DAE.

Merry Christmas, AJF

ily <3

Friday, December 18, 2009

I can breathe

Well no, I still can't, stupid fucking weather changes fucked up my nasal passages a few days prior to finals. WHY?

I also developed cold sores for what I believe is the first time. WHY?
I had indigestion and ... um. WHY?


I had so much work to do over the week for finals that I had to give my shift away, which is shit, because I really need money right now. OH. YEAH.

I got a parking ticket again. WHY?


I'm stuck in typography, type-type-typing away... there's some kind of documentary or commentary or whatever playing on the screen, everybody's bored and browsing the web, everybody's tired and out of coffee (which Sunook bought for us, thanks), I just want to go home but I can't. I have a final again at 10:15 AM. I guess this means I could leave this place soon, but it's not soon enough.

After the Rendering final I'm gonna knock out til 4 and get ready for work.


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