Saturday, May 29, 2010

Enigma, part deux

SDeezy with Lisa and Elena, and Phuong and Tuan =)

Went really early in the morning (lol 8:30am) and got to Tuan's at 10:30 or so. Chilled around and went to see Phuong's game at 11ish. She won! But her next match wouldn't be until 7pm (!) so we wished her good luck and left. Tuan drove us to the beach, it was so beautiful, but that's all we could do... drive around looking for parking. There was none, not even far away from the beach and high up on hills, so we left.

We went to Enigma, but Lisa didn't want to get hers done today so I was the only one to go =( I talked to Mark about getting my smiley pierced but he really advised against it. I asked if repiercing my eyebrow, which I miss so much, would be a good idea. He said it would be OK  but hey, if it rejected once before it will likely reject again. I talked to the other guy behind the counter, I really liked his septum jewelry. He had 3 small gauge/ diameter rings in it. I asked him what size he's at and he said 10g. OK, I WANT THAT! =)
They were both really nice so I tipped them $10, even though I'm broke. It was a great experience, and I really enjoyed talking to them. Plus, They pierced me with a niobium retainer, awesome =)
10g hurt like a bitch for about 3 seconds, and then everything just feels so enlightening lol. I love it!

Tuan got his jewelry change there, and I changed his second one back at his place. We all watched a History International show special on the history of tattoo. It was great. Then some on Kama Sutra which was actually not as interesting. Lol. So we switched to Friends =) Left to see Phuong's 3rd match (missed her 2nd boooo) at like 8 or so. We stayed until 9 and left for home. It was a good day =)

So, piercing in the summer, at Enigma SD, ... done that twice now. Shall I make that a tradition? I'm definitely thinking of it. =)

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