Sunday, November 29, 2009

Nice to meet you, Miss Sherani.

Today is the very, very last day of Thanksgiving break. Did I get any homework done? Hardly. But it's been a really good week... =)

Monday: AAHHH first day of break! Hold on, AnneLee calling. What? We have class today? You sure? Fuck it, I'm not going! Personal furlough day.

Tuesday: I should start on homework today =X. What, Ruby? We still had to go to the middle school? Ah shiet, sorry girls! Personal furlough day! sorri sorri sorri!

Besides those two mishaps.. A lot of good has happened! Went to eat crawfish with Phuong (her treat!), then Passion Yogurt (her treat too!) where I tried the condensed milk with the stuffs, SO GOOD, then whatever whatever... Another day, ent out with Phuong and Lisa to Outer Limits (Anaheim) to meet her artist and set her design straight, went to Flame Broiler with them to visit Anthony (but he was busy, and manager was there; my treat this time), went back to her place for some hair curling fun... Work, omg new manager :( he seems alright so far, but maybe it's cos I don't have a job of much importance (and I'm only there 2x a week) so I don't notice that he bosses everyone around and tells them to change a lot of things and keeps springing up new projects on them. It's all hearsay so far.

Ethan moved to a higher volume store in LB. John told me that Ethan wanted to transfer to his store. I saw opportunity, I told Jake that maybe if he transferred to Ethan's store he could get promoted! I just told him that today and when he surprised me at work earlier, Allan told him the same thing! I am really hoping that he will. There's just so much more of a chance for a promotion that way than staying at his current store. If anything, he can always transfer back, right? But Opportunity, he is knocking, please answer him! (*crosses fingers*).

Oh yeah, Jake visited me at work today =) totally unexpected! I was ringing up a frustrating customer with a ton of shit, and she kept talking and talking and double checking those were all on sale or for coupons and blah blah and I turn around and I see my honey, looking so handsome ^.^! Too  bad I was cashier =( and couldn't spend more time with him. He brought his nanai's puto for me. His nanai was in the car. LOL. Aw my sweetiee <3. I'm lucky. teehee!

Speaking of work, I met a wonderful person there today. I saw him walking around the store and took notice of his highly voluminous and gravity defying hair. Jealous! Lol. I rang him up at the front register and the conversation kinda went like this:

me: Heey, I like your hair! How do you get it to stay up like that??
him: Hairspray! You have to use hairspray, and you have to tease it!
me: Yeah! I tried doing that before even with shorter layers than yours but it wouldn't stay up! What brand do you use?
him: Oh I don't remember... it's in my car, let me go get it!
*rings up stuff*
*returns... with AQUANET!*
me: I knew it! I know it's good, people are always saying it's cheap but really good, I used to use it, but I use Aussie now.
him: Oh that's a really good brand! But yeah all you gotta do is spray a little bit, then tease it, then spray it again.
me: Yeah wow your hair is really nice and fluffy, I tried before but it wouldn't stay up for long, how long ago did you do your hair?
him: Oh like an hour ago, I usually wear a wig but I was in a hurry so I did this in the car using the rearview mirror, it really looks good?
me: Yes! Especially for using such a small, narrow mirror!
him: Thank you you're so nice! What's your name? *reads nametag* You're so nice! I'm so self-conscious about it but you make me feel better about it now.
me: You're welcome, I thought since I like it, I should compliment it and let you know!

His name is Sherani (spelling?). We shook hands, "nice to meet you!"
He said he will be back. I am looking forward to my new customer ;)

I'm getting better and better at selling! The other day I was ringing up a man who was buying just this one cheapo makeup set. I made him leave with that + 3 bottles of lotion + 1 bottle of body wash. MMM I R GOOD. And another man told me, as he and his wife were leaving, "You're a good saleswoman." THANK YOU SIR! EHEHEHEHE

....MMMMmmmm..... last puto!

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