Thursday, November 26, 2009

The Grove, LA.

Jake took me there yesterday and it looked lovely. We arrived pretty early, so we caught the 5:00PM showing of Ninja Assassin. I could tell from the trailers that it was a bloody movie, but the blood and gore and dismemberment of limbs blew me away... and backed me up into my seat. and into Jake's arm. Which I was holding onto for dear life HAHA.

Afterwards we took a little walk and had some fresh air. It wasn't all that cold, even though it was snowing! =) Snowing little puffs of foam, lol.

It was pretty crowded so we decided to go TGIF back in LB. Yummy yum yum! P:

We didn't have much time left over afterwards but just enough to enjoy ourselves before I had to go home. Such a good day, hon =) Thank you  for a wonderful date =)

Today is Thanksgiving. What are you thankful for?
Family, friends, special person of mine, school, opportunities to be professional, learning new skills, a new work environment I actually like, ...

Speaking of which, I went out and blew a ton of money at Walgreens again. I think I spent like $100 there in the past week. IT'S CRAZY! It's like, I fucking work there for a day for free! At least at Big5 I was never interested enough in spending on anything... But make-up? Yummy smelling lotion? Candies? Junk-I-don't-need-but-it's-cheap? ARGH WALGREENS!! <3

Anatometal gem eyelets, Tawapa flourish, gold eyelets, heart cut out eyelets, ETC ETC I'M EXCITED AS SHIT! AND IT AIN'T EVEN CHRISTMAS YET, HAPPY THANKSGIVING 'ERRBODY ROUND THE WORLD (US only)!

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