Sunday, September 13, 2009

Sarah's bday party

After work, I got ready to go to Jake's little (4 yrs old!) cousin's birthday party. We went to Walmart and he got her a Princess fleece throw, and what do you know, it was a Princess party, and she looked adorable in her little princess dress =)

The heat was on during Pictionary. Our team won the first round! Jansen's team was still in first square when we were at the finish square HAHA. Second round was close, but we lost =( and I had to go home, so there was no tie-breaker... = rematch, one day!

I like his family. They're very welcoming and fun and all the good stuff. So far, so good.

Sigh, I got a shit-ton of hw to do. I'm not going out today. Except maybe to the library... if I can't concentrate at home.

Mmmm chocolate chip waffle. Before brushing teeth. Still, gooooood~

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