Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Lacking Motivation

Here I am, at Lisa's.
No tracing paper (where the fuck is my $10 new roll!??!), no available printer to do the overdue assignment...

At the time, I thought it would be smart to take all 15 units of art classes. After all, I'm almost done with GE, and my schedule would fit perfect, so why not?

Now I know it was a big mistake. I used to slack off in those much needed GE classes when I needed to concentrate on the important ones.
This time, they're ALL important.

I don't have my free-day-friday's anymore either, and working during the week sometimes often makes me lazy even lazier than usual.
I'm not doing so hot in any of my classes.
The reading ones are killing me, even though they are probably the easier ones.
I lack focus, energy, motivation. Can I get that in a bottle?
I'll invest in Red Bull this semester, I suppose.

Grade Prediction
typography: A
drawing: A
300: B
301: B
Rendering: A

makes me feel a little better, but let's see if I can actually pull it off. Those are the best possible outcomes, after all >.>

hey boyfriend, i miss you. =)

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