Wednesday, September 7, 2011

time and change

A year is a short amount of time...

So much happens in so little time, but you seldom realize it because it happens so slowly that you don't feel it. Then something reminds you, shocks you a little maybe, and you remember.

On Facebook there's a little section in a side panel that shows you old status updates you or someone else made 365 days ago. I glanced over at it tonight and on this same day last year, I wrote " I love my boyfriend :) "
I clicked on it curiously, wondering why I said such a thing to the world of Facebook. I still don't remember, but it was made out to J.F.
Funny, it's only been a year exactly but if I say these words now, they would be for R.A.
It leaves me wondering, did I mean what I said? Do I mean what I say now? It's only been a year...

But so much can happen in a year, you know.

I got over an old lover and "met someone new," although I've known him all along.
We got to know each other, get intimate and comfortable beyond friendship.
Several movie and dinner dates, several nights staring at the stars and talking about the colors in the sunset, a few holidays and birthdays, gift-giving occasions, a wedding, some hiking and a vacation, roller coasters and parties later we're closer than ever.

I've gotta say that I've never felt this close and comfortable with another lover, nor have I ever felt so cared about and for and thought of so much as by R. Maybe because we based our relationship off of a friendship first? Maybe, probably? Whatever it is, it's working just right. And when I say I love him, I mean it.

A year is a long time.

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