Saturday, October 10, 2009

Marley&Me, GardenWalk date

Blogging 10 days later, memories aren't as good... :(
On that day Jake and I just wanted to have a nice long day together.
BUT some of his buddies decided to drop by and so we had a fam/friends BBQ instead. After everyone had left, we enjoyed some downtime and watched Marley and Me.
The dog death was sad, and brought up memories of Fidji. I was also really sensitive to doggy death because of what had been happening at Lisa's.

Whatever comes up, we will work through it, right Jake? =)

Later that night he took me to Anaheim GardenWalk. We were so psyched to watch Couples' Retreat! The area looked great, all lit up and stuff, and we found the theater...

But I got denied entrance to the theater. "21+ Only," it says.
I'm only 6 months short :(
And it's a PG-13 movie :(
stupid alcohol-serving facility!

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