Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Phuong make-over; Walmart got-hit-on-and-ran

After work I went to Walmart with Lisa and Phuong to buy hair dye. We wanted to give Phuong a make-over! =) They had already gone to the salon to do her eyebrows while I was at work so there was only cut&dye left to do, my job.

Lisa left us in the hair dye aisle to find her own stuff and soon after a guy stopped in our aisle. The way he talked, I thought he was a worker at first, I saw him adjusting boxes ._.
but soon I found out he was hitting on me and really stupidly!

"I like your necklace, is that a cobra? Wanna trade? I have a shark tooth necklace" (hell no, hell no, hell no... my response. HAHA)
"What do you guys think I should get, hazelnut or french vanilla coffee?" (man I don't fucking know)
"How bout black dye?" (buying it not for me, but someone else, and I'm going with red)
"Can I get your number you seem kinda busy right now" (uh... duh...?)
"Don't worry I'll only call you 30x a day" (WOW YOU SUCK AT PICK-UPS LOL)

Anyway, first experience with someone so... blunt,
I think it's thanks to my beautiful new baby resting in my brow. God I love you!

Besides that, I gave Phuong a rockin' new do. Not just a trim, but a new style, a bit... haha. skipped the bangs, cut out her outgrown brassy color, and dyed it too! Gave her a ton of layers too. IT LOOKS GOOD!

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