Sunday, October 31, 2010


Misery loves company. I'm thankful I can talk to Anthony; strange that we are in the same boat. It helps to know someone going through a similar situation, it's a lot easier to talk to them over others who aren't in such a situation.

I found some comfort in simply watching TV with Phuong, if only for a short while. Soon, it was time to go. When I left, I felt this heavy emptiness. Apparently, emptiness in the heart defies the law of gravity. It feels like a heavy burden, but hollow and large. I doubt that could conjure up an image of what I felt but these are the words that describe it.

There is no one to look forward to talking to after getting home. 
There is no one to call and ask about their day.
I'm alone. Be careful what you wish for.

I think I will start blogging regularly again, it helps me get my feelings out without having to talk to someone. 

So sorry it's over
There's so much more that I wanted and
There's so much more that I needed and
Time keeps moving on and on and on
Soon we'll all be gone.

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