Monday, April 5, 2010

Saaan Diegogo

Yesterday was the last day of break and it ended with a bang :D or a splash in the water!

We all left a little late but it's okay! We stayed pretty much the whole day. Had lunch togetherrrr (although it took 3 tries to find a place that was open on Easter Sunday), bought a bunch of soda and candy and other food to cook for the niiight, watched Friends, went to the pool and hot tub, did not go to Enigma but we're saving that for next month, molested Phuong and Rosie, took a ton of dumb photos on land and under water etc etc etc. I made a couple of kandi bracelets. One says FUCK YOU <3 and the other, SEX YUM. Lolololol <3333

Tuan has aqua hair and Lisa has red hair. so pretty together. makes me wanna change my updo upppp! I have asian doll bangs again. Yaaaay.

It was a really fun day. I loved it. The only non-fun part and the person who might've had the least fun was prolly Rosie with her nagging jerk of a boyfriend. Makes me appreciate Jake and I made sure to let him know last night on the phone. "I appreciate you honey" lol.

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